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What to expect during a Psycho-educational Assessment

Psycho-educational assessments within our practice are undertaken in order to understand a child’s, adolescent’s, or adult’s current functioning. The assessment is designed to uncover any diagnostic or learning style reasons for difficulties an individual may be experiencing at home, school, or in the community. Related to this, recommendations are made in order to increase the client’s chances of success.

Some information regarding what to expect during an assessment is included in this information sheet. Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you require further information.

A few words about our philosophy, or approach, to assessment:

There are many different ways psycho-educational assessments can be approached. Many clinics, for example, book the complete assessment for a full day or half day. This is beneficial for scheduling.

In our practice, we emphasize that our tools and processes are meant to measure your abilities when you are at your best. For this reason, we limit appointment times to how long you can reasonably concentrate and keep up best efforts on tasks.

Another area we emphasize is tailoring the assessment to what your questions are as well as to follow up on anything we uncover as we proceed. That is, we adjust the process so we can get the best possible understanding of you. This requires some time between appointments as we examine the information we’ve gained so far and make adjustments for the next appointment. This is a further reason to book assessment appointments on different days. This also is the reason that we cannot limit our assessments to fewer than 6 hours of assessment activities, and often require as many as 10.

What happens during the assessment sessions:

Details related to the process: